Los Bastardos 50ml Shortfill

Los Bastardos 50ml Shortfill

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Skitzo - A handful of your favourite candy coated fruit sweets. - Gobsmacking Fruitilicious!

Fruit Job - A messed up combination of Caribbean fruits designed to make your mouth water. - The Ultimate Bastardo!

El Capitan - Banana Creme Brule with a perfectly balanced flavour of banana, think creamy custard with a topping of caramelised brown sugar on the top.
- Supremely Wicked! 

Fizzy Fiend - Marshmallow dusted with a fizzy mixed fruit flavoured sugary coating. - This Juice is Mental!

Oaty Coyote - Sumptuous oatmeal biscuit with hints of dried fruit and chopped nuts. - Bad Ass Delicious!

Lemon Cartel - Sherbert lemon bon bon. Just like the real thing, refreshing zesty lemon with a sherberty fizz on the exhale. - The Warlord of Lemon Sherberts!